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Introduction of Transplantation Center
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Update: 2017/09/12
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Introduction of Transplantation Center
Introduction of Transplantation Center

  1.Hepatic Failure(end stage liver cirrhosis)
  2.Renal Failure
  3.Cornea Blindness


  Living donor transplantation can be saved a lot of hepatic failure patients from death due to the long waiting of liver donation. CCH liveing donor and corpse liver transplantation team, kidney transplantation team and cornea transplantation team have helped patients continue their lives and improve the quality of live. The Center is staffed by the most qualified physicians, specialized in Reductive and Living Donor Liver Transplantation. The accomplishment of the organ donation and transplantation has received wide recognition among Taiwanese medical professional. According to the statistics Bureau of National Health Insurance, CCH occupies the top 3 hospital that has highest the overall 3 year survival rate after liver transplantation. Between 2000 and 2006, 34 patients successfully received liver transplantation at CCH. In addition, 6 patients successfully received living donor transplantation between 2006 and 2007. The Hospital is expecting to perform above 10 living donor transplanting patients per year and continuing improve survival rate. Moreover, between 2004 and 2007, more than 10 patients received kidney transplantation. The Hospital has been performed more than thousand patients of cornea transplantation.


  In order to provide higher-quality medical service to patients, the Center has devoted to integrate the clinical and basic researches of transplantation. 

  In order to popularize the concept of organ transplantation medicine, the Center provides their clinic services and basic research information, teaches public health education and promotes the importance of prevention medicine. CCH Social Work Department also tells people about organ donation. 


 1. The Chief of the Center: leads the Center developing organ transplantation
     medicine, research, education and promoting organ donation.

 2. Liver, kidney and cornea transplantation teams: including specialized
     physicians, nurses, and educators. Assisting with transplantation surgery,
     education, academic research, before and after surgery clinic care and
     related education, and after leaving hospital medical consulting and follow-

 3. Anesthetists: providing excellent anesthesia medical quality, education and
     academic research.

 4. Discharge planning team: assisting with discharge plan, follow-up,
     recuperation and rehabilitation.

 5. Psychiatrists: providing psychological consultation.
 6. Social Workers: providing social welfare services and organizing organ
     donation events.

 7. Pastors: sharing the Lord’s saving grace, peace and blessing.
 8. Nutritionists: providing diet education during recovery. 


 1. International Clinic Hotline: 886-4-7285-161
 2. Fax: 886-4-7232-942
 3. Consultation Time of Liver Transplantation
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Afternoon     Dr. Y. L. Chen    


 4. Process International Clinical Hotline (Assisting with registration & arranging
     appointment)                   ↓
                    Assisting with Hospitalization Process
                              Isolate Single Room
                               Leaving Hospital Plan
         (Referring to a hospital back to home country)
         Come back to follow-up 2 weeks after leaving hospital
         Track continuously every 3 months for 3 years by phone


 5. Hospitalization: patient needs to be hospitalized for about3 weeks in
     normal condition.

 6. Follow-up: patient needs to come back for 4-6 follow-ups after leaving
     hospital. The Center referrers the patient back to a hospital in home
     country when condition is stable.

 7. Track continuously: the Center keeps tracking patient’s condition every 3
     months for 3 years and provides medical consultation by phone.

 8. Cost: approximately NT$2,000,000 – NT$4,000,000

  1. We accept NTD cash and credit card. The list price of USD above just for
      reference only, it depends on the exchange rate at the time.

  2. The list price information above is based on the cost occurring to the
      patients who received the same treatment or surgery in a certain period of
      time, so it is only for reference. Besides, the price depends on the results
      of doctor’s consultation. 


  Dr. Y. L. Chen
  Cell Phone: 886-917-152-769

  Fax: 886-4-7232-942
  Email: 31560@cch.org.tw
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