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Introduction of Joint Reconstruction Center
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Update: 2017/09/12
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Introduction of Joint Reconstruction Center

  CCH was once again accredited as “Medical Center” by the hospital accreditation council in 2007. Medical education, research and service were accredited as excellence. It is a high-quality and professional hospital. Patients will receive the best medical care at CCH.

 1. Medical Professionals: the medical team is staffed by attending physicians
     specialized in various joint reconstruct and replacement, providing various
     newest minimally invasive surgeries according to patient’s conditions.

 2. Surgery Items: Minimally Invasive Joint Replacement, Total Knee
     Replacement, Unicondylar Knee Arthroplasty, Total Hip Replacement, Hip
     Hemiarthroplasty, Corrective Osteotomy, Joint Infectious and Osteomyelitis

Providing arthritis, joint pain and joint degeneration patients detailed examination and treatment, preventing joint disease deterioration and offering the most appropriate treatment to minimally invasive joint replacement, artificial joint loosening, artificial joint wear, artificial joint dislocation and after surgery infectious patients.
To respect patient privacy, physicians will explain and discuss patients' condition in a private room with patient and families / relatives before, during and after surgery, including treatments and results of the surgery, and matters needing attention after surgery.

 The Center is perfectly equipped with joint examination room, artificial joint surgery room, removable X-ray, appropriative beds for joint reconstruction, bone bank, minimum invasive reconstruction devices, etc. These are mainly for providing the best joint reconstruction medical services. The Center provides the new design of artificial knees and hips from western countries. Physicians will implant the most suit artificial joints according to patient’s needs.

 The Center using special surgery technique to that has the benefits of smaller incision wounds and faster recovery according to patient’s needs and condition. 

 In order to provide a faster recovery, CCH Orthopedics Department closely cooperates with Rehabilitation Department. Physical therapist visits patient right after surgery and plans the most appropriate rehabilitate course. Patients may have normal life two weeks after the surgery. The Center recommends patients should train their muscles by doing exercise aggressively.

 1. Pain Management: anesthetist visits patients before the surgery to discuss
     the most appropriate anesthesia and pain control.
 2. Wound Care: CCH has established independent Orthopedics rooms which
     staffed by nursing specialists. This will reduce infectious rates. Patients may
     be hospitalized for 2 weeks in normal condition, including rehabilitation.

 1. Detailed Information: The Center educates patients before surgery, and
     provides detailed information of Joint Reconstruction. 

 2. Results: both knee and hip surgery has low infectious rates, faster recovery
     and less pain.

  On-line appointment or assisting with schedule an appointment by phone 
  Airport pick-up service and introducing the medical team
  Arranging examinations before surgery
  Rehabilitation after surgery and trip planning OPD follow-up two weeks after
  the surgery Follow-ups by phone every 3 month for one year
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