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略過巡覽連結HomeMedical servicesImportant points regarding outpatient services and medical treatment
Important points regarding outpatient services and medical treatment

First visit patient registration
On-site registration (Apply to 1st timer, or 1st time in over 7 years to visit CCH.)
   1. Please bring your national health insurance IC card and ID
       card to registration counter on 1st floor, and fill out the
       Patient Profile form.
   2. Please take a number slip and wait until your number is
       called and complete the registering procedure.
(Automated Registration Line is not available for first visits.)

Returning patient registration

Returning patients can make reserved-registration in the following month excluding certain divisions.
※ Must provide ID card and national health insurance IC.
※ Applying for Severe injuries or illnesses Certificates, please go
    to information service desk on 1st floor.

※ Co-Insurance for certain services are as followed:
    1.Emergency medical care: NT $450;
    2.Dental care: $50;
    3.General Outpatient: 360; and
    4.Referral services: 210

※ Please pay for doctor and medicine fees at the
    registration/cashier counter. If your doctor recommends a
    hospital stay please go to the hospital admissions center in
    room 84 on the 2nd floor to begin admissions procedures.

※ Medicine pick-up (go to an even or odd numbered window 
    according to the type of number on your slip to pick up your

※ Examination (examination made according to the time and
※ Tests (made according to the number called)

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