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Service hotline
International Clinic hotline
 International Clinic contact information:
886-4-7238595 ext 8371

Other hotlines
2Automated registration line886-4-7285152
3Telephone registration line886-4-7225132
4First Visit registration line886-4-7225132
5Palliative Service line886-4-7266130
6Physical exam consultations886-4-7277984
7General health consultations886-4-7256652
8A Skin-Graft With Love Foundation886-4-7285420
9Emergency rescue hotline886-4-7255123(24hrs)
10Information desk886-4-7238595 ext 3100
11Complaints line886-4-7238595 ext 3925 or 04-7285033
12Compliments line886-4-7238595 ext 3920
13Medicine consultation line886-4-7238595 ext (day)3157 (night)3150
14Medical imaging (X-ray) department consultation line886-4-7238595 ext 3166
15Nuclear Medicine Treatment consultation line886-4-7238595 ext 3090
16Tumor consultation line886-4-7238595 ext 6068
17Reproductive Medicine Center886-4-7238595 ext 4422
18Dermatology Center886-4-7238595 ext 5256
19Homecare Service hotline886-4-7238595 ext 4510
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